Sunday, September 11, 2011

Una Noche del Fashion.

Fashion's night out, in case you are not aware, is an event begun by Vogue Magazine, wherein countless retailers in every city with any sort of fashion scene stay open late, have deals, celebrities around, DJ's, new snazzy window displays, free cocktails and champagne, and everybody dresses up and admires everybody else's clothes. It's fun.

We (flat-mates and I) betook ourselves to Bond Street, home of expensive, beautiful clothes/shoes/bags/people. And really well dressed salespeople. Of course.

Here's Allsaints Spitalfields. Their entire storefront is vintage sewing machines. How.....vintage.

This post will likely be just storefronts, however, I think I'll have to devote another post to the street fashion I caught in the lens that night: there's plenty, of every imaginable sort.

NOW. The icing on the cake, the proverbial prize, the place with the longest line, was without a doubt Alexander McQueen. If you ever listen to me talk about fashion in person, you've heard this name. We spent at least a blissful hour in here. Some of the photos are not the most stellar quality, but chalk that up to me avoiding the gaze of the photo-forbidding shop assistants. pweese. spanks.

Le storefront and window display. For the record, this is the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Yes, the bodice of that white and blue number is indeed pieces of porcelain. Why? BECAUSE IT'S ART.
(P.S. i can die happy now. )

Le inside. Trey beans, as the sergeant in War Horse said. But wait, we're not there yet.

you see those clutches. The brass-knuckle ones. I WANT them.

an some shoesies.

COATS. I apologize for the blur.

Heatherpants, that last one was taken with you in mind. It's calfskin. And I wanted to eat it.

And shoes. ah, shoes.

And believe it or not, we did go other places. That one was just my favorite. Here they are. The first two are Dolce & Gabbana, since it isn't immediately legible. Unless of course, you're a fashion nerd and recognize the collection.

And that's enough of that. that street is going to get another visit from me, and further drool on the windows/shop floors. It is always enjoyable to pretend one has the money to buy such things.

The streets were so full, and I mean cars-can't-get-through full, of well-dressed, happy fashion nerds. Such fun.

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