Monday, September 12, 2011

How many many feet you meet. ( The well-heeled footsies of London)

I. love. shoes. My closet doth attest the fact.

So, obviously, I look at people's shoes. And take pictures of them. No, that's not creepy. It's a compliment.

And if you're wondering how people react to you asking if you can take their picture, 90% of the time they are absolutely flattered. People are delightfully vain: shutterbugs, thou shalt exploit this.

Anyway, here are just a few of the 16 million feet of London.

Nice black stilettos sir. that is not a typo. Use your eyes. :)

They needn't match. Mine sometimes don't. They need only accord with the dictates of your soul.

AH! we must not forget le friendly cross-dresser. Here he is:

He told us he was on on his way to work in Soho. This was at 9 in the evening. He then asked if I was a lesbian. To which Priya wittily replied, "No, she's just fabulous."
And that,dear people, is all for tonight. i go to draw some corsets.


Hans said...

A Brit with dreads! And converes! And guitar! Makes me happy!
love, Hans

Lucie said...

i shall box him up for thee. :)

Crazy mom said...

True story - Got off the train at Victoria Station and someone approached us and asked if we needed a place to stay (we did), as we chatted with the lad while we walked to the hostel, we asked him how he knew we were Americans (before we spoke a word)...I bet you know his answer..."your shoes!"

Lucie said...

tis truth. I have seen no Brits wearing trainers. ever.