Sunday, September 11, 2011

slow down the room please and let me off.

AHHHHHHHH what a weekend. I don't believe I've stopped moving since Thursday. And then I wake up in the morning still tired and feel like this:

yes. Well, let's just say the vintage shopping in old Mpls will seem rather pooey after this, because yours truly went to Brick Lane today. more bout's that later, and a sampling of le London hipster.

But for now, an incident that appeals to my coincidence-and-clothes-loving soul.

On Thursday, while waiting outside Alexander McQueen, whilst I was admiring this one redheaded girl's coat, a tall guy walks by and I think to myself "where have I seen him?" it then hits me i have his picture off a style blog. I realize that may be ordinary for some people, but I had never had it happen, and it's slightly surreal. Not exactly a conversation starter. "hey I have a picture of you!" "ehhhhh...."

well, i managed to snap a picture, and you can decide for yourself.

Here's the blog picture, from the London Style Scout, (check it out!)
and here is my reflexive, neither-polished-nor-posed snap:

I thought i was mistaken till I realized the tats were the same: those rarely lie. Right, creeping over, now I'll actually blog about FNO, because it was AWSOME.

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