Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Catharsis of Being Minnesotan

So. It is the middle of February. I am walking into a snazzy little coffeeshop in uptown with my brother and Heidi Brinkmann.(Anyone else have sibling-friends? A delightful invention.:) We parked three blocks away, and it's about twelve degrees plus windchill. I decide to get a smoothie. As I pay, I realize I forgot to feed the meter. After procuring a quarter, I set out, wearing a t-shirt and thinnish leather jacket.
I get about halfway there when it hits me. I am walking down the street inadequately clothed (for the weather) slurping my twenty ounces of fruity ice. I do not think this is odd. What could be more normal? Maybe the cold does something to our brains. That explains why Al Franken "won"......