Sunday, May 15, 2011

Books. Springtime. Observations.

First you get to hear the weird things i observe.

the other day I saw an elderly lady reading a bodice-ripper paperback on the bus. Ah, juxtaposition.

Rosie and I found three pennies on the ground yesterday.

And there are three trees growing out of the grates in the ground across from Hard Times Cafe on Riverside Ave. It's spring.

I dyed my hair blue. Well, part of it.

It's time to read, to get rid of the library fines I inevitably run up at the city library by getting all these good books from there and then school gets so crazy that I don't return them on time. School ain't about. All I gotta do is go to work tomorrow. Wooooooooot.

Yo. What book have you been liking? spit it out.

There are several people whom I should email. If you know who you are, and you're reading this, (highly unlikely), I swear my email WILL NOT CONNECT. I'm tired, so I think I'll leave you all alone and go freewrite, where I don't have to use grammar and good syntax. Be back when I have something to write about.