Tuesday, March 8, 2011

this be a short one.

I miss my gypsy side.
I miss doing thing without knowing exactly why or how they'll end.
I'm sick of deadlines.
I'm tired of my own attitude towards said crap.
I miss being playful, and not always thinking about what I'm supposed to be DOING.
as opposed to who am i BEING.

The funniest part is, when I have a more relaxed attitude, I get more done. Do you have any idea what a waste of time stress and worry are? I'm not debasing responsibility here, just the tendency to take everything way too seriously, and forget the funny things. The important things. The things that make doing all that responsible stuff worthwhile. Because if all that stuff isn't working towards some worthwhile goal, why do it?
worthwhile goal for me sometimes comes down to: I want a bike, an open road, and a day to myself. And maybe a buddy, depending on my mood. Sometimes that's a really good goal.

in short
I have got cabin fever. Welcome to Minnesota. Spring is coming. I can smell it.

complete random tangent. Here I sit, in the St. Paul Student Student Union, and they're playing Carrie Underwood(pants)'s before you cheat song, or whatever.
Now I am listening to the lyrics. Basically, she considers shooting whiskey and pool the criteria for being a real woman.
you can shoot whiskey and pool if you really need to. But is that all you can do? Besides write and sing songs about said VERY IMPORTANT THINGS.
If so, no wonder you spend your days wrecking the cars of men who get women drunk so they can get lucky.
But perhaps I take her too seriously. Maybe I just won't listen. EVER.
That's all. I gotta go draft things.