Wednesday, July 28, 2010

daggers make a dichotomy

I cannot get these two songs out of my head for anything. I think it's been two weeks at least.

Daggers, by The Chariot

Take it all back
Is this the fashion, "Medic" painted on a white dress or is this the formal crowd?

Where is the battle?
Absent from wealthy minds and far from all concerned?
Now take your places and may peace breed.
Fight your war. Old men, keep dreaming of battles for young men to fight.

War, it's only skin deep.

Make your spine just like your pride and if you find a heart I hope it bleeds grace.

Sell "peace" as limited time

For "limited", I say, is a choice so fight. Take your voices down. Tear it down.

the part of that song where everything quits except the bass, the drums and the clapping haunts my dreams, i tell you.

Dichotomy, by Becoming The Archetype

In this hour the tower shall fall
Initially they rationalized with futile speculations
Which brought about their ultimately fatal calculations
They sewed their own eyes shut
To protect them from the light
Closed the doorway of their minds
Barred and sealed it tight
Their foolish hearts were darkened
Their vacant minds deceived
The lies that they exchanged for truth
Became all that they believed
They exchanged the incorruptible
For the image of fallen man
Worshiped created rather than creator
The image rather than his hand

The heavens wait in silence
For the coming of the end
As man perfects his own imperfection
Destruction closes in

In the grave they chose to make their beds
And now all that they've created
Comes crashing down upon their heads
Death is waiting
In this hour the tower shall fall.

(i sincerely wish for a human voice on the other end this time.)