Friday, August 13, 2010

I haven't mush to say. Great way to start a post, no?

So I was biking back home from work the other night, and it hit me that it was not unbearably hot. Not just that, the mugginess was gone. It was like I could almost smell snow. I hear you. Lucie, you say, it's August. you are insane. Yeah, whatever. I felt it, I tell you. And the lightning was flashing all over the place, and I raced the storm home, and you know what? School gives me mixed feelings.

I hate not having a life. During school, I mean. As Radiohead so wisely says, you do it to yourself. It ain't healthy.

There are deeper things on my brains right now, I promise. But sometimes I have to write about seasons changing. Because it means life changes too. The only freaking constant is change. And God. Fortunately.

And I can't put all the deeper things into words sometimes. As someone who loves writing and finding the perfect word or turn of phrase, that is sad and good at the same time. Some things don't belong on the internet, they don't belong in the black on white cage of words on a page.

it just belongs in feelings. they're painful and gorgeous and sometimes unreliable but life would be deathly boring without them. And there's some weird ache right now. Don't know why, maybe it's autumn, things dying. Or there's no reason at all except the world being fundamentally screwed up. Not permanently, mind you.

This is why Sigur Ros hit it big, people. They bottled ache, feeling, longing....right. Ima go listen to them. and scheme for Give Em' Epic.
and be a little emo. I have my rights, and one of them is to slight emo-ness.

so long.