Friday, September 2, 2011

Expeditions to Shopping Land and LCF

We toured LCF today, had our orientation. It is just off of Oxford Circus. We went to the Topshop flagship store over lunch.

Five stories, and the basement is just shoes. I could have lived there. Ahhhh.

Also United Colors of Benetton, All Saints, H & M, and plenty others, all a mere stone’s throw from school. The LCF staff are awesome. You can tell from the first five minutes, that they love what they do, they are happy. The building itself is unremarkable outside, beautifully minimalist inside. There are no textbooks, but to balance that, if you miss one class without an excused absence, you lose a letter grade. The walls are full of postings and beautiful illustrations and photographs. Here are my classes there: Corsetry, Shoemaking, Historical and Contemporary Fashion Studies. The last one meets at a different gallery or museum every single week, admittance paid. HAVE I DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN? It was a good day. Chilling and organizing now. Needed some down time like crazy. Tomorrow we goeth to a big thrift store in our rather wealthy neighborhood, and possibly a designer sample sale in Brick Lane, way the heck up by Islington sorta. And sleeping in. there will be some sleeping in happening.

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