Saturday, September 17, 2011

The British Museum

On Monday, (my, that long ago?) my classmates and I got ourselves to the British Museum for class. here tis.

oh of course i got lost getting there and ended up in some little park chillin. I always leave about two hours early for this class, so lateness is not an issue.

the first is this lovely stone lion. I don't remember where he was or what he was, but he was nice and gracefully intimidating.

and the next ones are an Australian crocodile mask.

metalwork leaves me in awe, also knitting, and that textile there is something else. You know what it is? It is knitted, and it contains all the medication that the average human consumes in a lifetime. It was meters long. And needless to say the woman's was longer than the man's.

and here is a nice totem pole, and then my favorite thing I saw, perfect in its creepy simplicity, crystal skull. and this resourceful textile from Africa, made from the tinfoil on wine bottles.

more things from the Africa bit, and some lovely sculptures. you may note that the two fellows have a certain bit of their anatomy missing. Fact is, in the Victorian day, they emasculated all the poor statues, and stored the broken-off pieces in the basement. As if the absence was not as glaring as the presence. Ha. (it's still in the basement...O_O)

a cartoon museum? yeshh pweese....

night guys, my left tonsil is killing's always that one.

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