Sunday, September 11, 2011

How to......Make Shoes.

This was the first class I've been late to, and it was an embarrassing, nerve-wracking 30 mins. late. At least the class is seven hours long, and I get to learn how to make shoes in it. Can't complain. I won't bore you too much, just a few pictures and some snippets of information.

Basically, to pattern a shoe, you take the last, cover it in two layers of masking tape, mark certain important spots, trim the edges, slice it in particular places, and peel it off. Then you CAREFULLY place the tape chunk on pattern paper, and smooth it out with as few creases as possible.

Then, you do various complex things to it, and voila! we hath a pattern for a shoe upper. Then you trace and slice in various other ways to get the lining pattern. Fun, it is.

Other things learned: did you know that part of the reason that designer shoes, for instance Jimmy Choos, (i couldn't help it, it rhymed.) are so very expensive is that the heel mold has to be cast carefully, specifically, exactly as they want it? If you get shoes from Target, they may well have the exact same heel mold as the ones from Forever 21. But a pair of Prada heels? Not so. They have been made to look perzackly how the designer wants them to look.

Also this place has leather scraps. be jealous. PRETTY leather scraps.

On to War Horse!


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Hans said...

Fancy pants shoes. Lucky duck.
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