Friday, September 30, 2011

In London, thinking about Wall Street.

It feels kind of funny, being so far from my home country when stuff really hits the news.

I don't pretend to know if Occupy Wall Street will go down in the books, maybe, maybe not. And I haven't pulled my head out of the sands of London long enough to actually formulate an opinion on the event itself.

Well, I sort of have.

I think that I would much rather people take action on what they see going wrong than sit around in front of TV.

If you disagree, take (peaceful, please) opposing action.
Looking at the list of cities organizing similar protests is.....what? Not frightening, certainly. Not surprising, since economic conditions, and therefore the conditions in which we live, have been unstable, scary, difficult, angering, so on, for awhile now.

Yeah, yeah, I know it could be worse. But that is no reason to let it get worse.
Answering my own previous question, then, about the spread of protests, it is reassuring to me, I think. It....ahh I'm not sure how to say this. Whether or not I entirely agree with the protests, (and I do agree on some levels), it's good to know people have some spark in them, some fire, a lack of passivity.

That's all.

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