Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just some wanderings about.

This is basically me running around with a camera. Enjoy. There will be many, many more posts like this. I am beginning to realize that updating this will probably happen at least once a week, twice if we're lucky. It will depend on the week....
And if you ever come to London, here is a snippet of anecdotal advice about transport...

There was a combination moment today.. It was the combination of a good dubstep remix of Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage, the top of a double decker bus, being curled up in the front corner seat, and the sunshine on the spires and graffiti.

The tube is great, yeah, it’s got personality, it’s got stories, it’s the most prime place for people-watching evah, it’s quick. But…’s UNDERGROUND.

If you want to look at London, not just see it.... top of the double-decker, every time.

Other anecdotes, then some pictures.

on that same bus ride, I saw a man standing at a crosswalk, wearing a red shirt, green skinny jeans, and no shoes. No socks neither. And I wanted to say to him "Sir, if you are trying to represent Christmas, wear shoes." and then I realized that was hypocritical because I wanted to go barefoot too. But there's too much litter around for that.

There is a different ethic regarding litter here, because they have street-sweepers. It is acceptable to leave litter in the following places: on top of rubbish bins (NO LOGIC, WHATSOEVER), in telephone booths, on ledges, on the tube, on top of newspaper dispensers, basically any flat surface or corner.

Also I was trying to get to class last Saturday, and the tube stop was closed, and so Jessica and I were being all independent and figuring out the buses, and being late, when I saw a man on the corner wearing a gorilla suit. I giggled internally and thought no more of it. Not five minutes later, on the correct bus, finally, TWO MORE GORILLAS. walking down the street chatting. At 10 am on a Saturday.

what is this i don't even.
just london being london.

another bus ride. abandoned markers on top of bus shelters, creeping on people, feet on dashboard that isn't dashboard (note: the very best seat on a double decker is the right corner seat all the way in the front.)

and I had a class near the Camden antiques market, which is cute, and so expensive my wallet hurts just walking in all those adorable little boutiques. Miss Weideman. you would have died. There is a ladybug on the top of my computer screen, now he flew away.

and here are some candlesticks.

And then on Sunday I betook myself to Brick Lane again. Here is something I wrote that day: "I went a-marketing this morning, to Brick Lane , then Petticoat Lane. Both, but Brick Lane particularly, have this air of anarchic antiquity: all the stuff spread out catawampus on the sidewalk, rubbish and treasure all mixed together, the advertising done the old-fashioned way. “ONLY one pound, EVERYTHING one pound, HAVE a look, have a look!” “Cheap, cheap, have a look!” “Real fruit, real juice, cheap!” Let me tell you, that stand, with trays of fresh-squeezed juice sitting in rainbow rows, piles of fruit waiting to be smushed behind them, and behind that the quick-moving employees making it before your very eyes…nom.I was full of empanadas and Argentine cookies (caramel-taffy stuff between shortbread biscuits), but I nearly caved. Oh well. It’ll be there next week.

And to top it all off, in Petticoat Lane in the midst of all the cruddy fashion and five-pound sale racks of “Topshop” stuff, there is a grizzled man selling hot roasted chestnuts and peanuts with his charred little oven, looking like a Dickens illustration come to life."

They have this area you will see below, with a bunch of table games to play, wherein the top of the table is the board.

And this girl has the classiest jacket....and then some shoes.

And now, finally, we come to the last few days. I promise the young lady with the epic trousers was really smiling, not smirking like that, she really was flattered...yours awkwardly truly just took the photo when the smirk had not smiled.....
I love those cab Vodafone ads....maybe you can't see, but the majority of it is just all the picturesque street and landmark and neighborhood names of London.

and that last one I took simply because it was so ridiculously BRITISH.

There, that ought to keep ye busy for awhile.

tomorrow, we go to the British Library, Camden Town, and Regent's park. That is my unofficial wandering plan for le Friday. hoooorrraaaayyyyyy!!!!!
nighty. night.
P.S. For any and all Doctor Who fans out there, apparently there used to be a Police Call Box, a.k.a. The Tardis, outside the very tube stop I live next to. I don't believe it's there anymore. That or I am incredibly unobservant. I shall look and report back tomorrow. Or sometime.

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