Monday, September 12, 2011

Brick Lane. Hipsters. Clothes.

If you like Ragstock, I'm about to make you drool. Brick Lane is one of the more well-known markets in London, and it is the motherlode of all vintage, funky, punky, eclectic, sometimes black-market shopping. You cannot throw an empty Starbucks cup without hitting some little hole in the wall full of half junk, half treasure, and clothes from the last five decades. There are whole alleyways full of beautiful stolen cycles and parts. Stalls full of old electronics and food and just plain interesting pieces of crap.

It is also CRAWLING with hipsters. Need I say I felt so at home it was almost uncomfortable. I was too busy enjoying myself to take too many pictures: it will have to be revisited. Many times. However, I shall share with you what I did snap.

We begin with the view from my street, (deffo not Brick Lane) on such a London morning as makes you really happy to be alive and sauntering down the avenue.

Now we get there.

and this place, oh, my mouth waters at the thought. They make these fantastic beigels, then they put salted beef in them, then they hand it to you and you are happy. We're not talking about Arby's beef. It looks like you've got half a cow in your hand. Glomp. eaten.

drawing on the wall is encouraged, or at least tolerated. space invader was here? and little pink dinos eat coins. Actually he wasn't all that little.

I believe this store was called Beyond Retro. It never ended, pretty much.

There was a jacket from.....wait for it.... SHAKOPEE. Shakopee Minnesota. in London. What a laugh.

And that food

the pink boots are great too, no? Don't let me forget to tell you about the cross-dresser who asked if I were a lesbian.

le People

Ladeez an gents, it geeves me great pleasure to present to you.....the hipsters (in the best possible sense) of Brick Lane. yeah. And some from Fashion's Night Out. And various other places in this excellent city.

FNO. The fellow in the beautiful coat and cravat was in Alexander McQueen, the rest, as you can see, mostly stopped on the street.

This fellow was standing in Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. nice jacket sir.

Brick Lane folk:

Yes, I do believe I could live here. Yup.


Hans said...

The food looks like a painting.
love, Hans

Crazy mom said...

You are living Nina's dream life!! Give her another four or five years and I'm sure she'll be there!