Wednesday, November 23, 2011


There are SO MANY free museums in London, it's dizzying.
I am just going to list all the ones I liked enough to recommend to other people. In no order. If/when you find yourself in London, visit a few. They're first-class.

1. The Victoria and Albert. First place I ever went in London. It is my favorite museum here. Design, art, all things beautiful. HUGE.
2. The Tate Britain. British art through the centuries.
3. The Tate Modern.
4. The National Portrait Gallery.
5. The Natural History Museum
6. The Geffrye Museum. Interiors of houses.
7. The Wallace Collection. This is the most ornate museum I've ever been to. Incredible. They have an impressive armor and weaponry collection.
8. The Museum of London. Rather trippy to look at things from Roman London, Medieval London, Elizabethan London, Victorian London, London Now, and think, "this is all layered under my very feet."
9. The British Museum. Similar to the V&A.
10. The Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. Cute. creepy in places. Culturally very interesting.

That's all for now. I gotta do homework. Finals, yo. Later.

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LoveLondonMuseums Kate said...

i must agree with you about the Bethnal green museum of childhood. It is a little creepy isn't it. Not what you would expect from a museum designed for and about children.

But still its free and is definitely worth a look see.