Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are you hungry? Because you're about to be.

Today, I took myself to Borough Market. It is supposed to be one of the best food markets in Europe.
I concur.
I went when I was hungry. DO NOT DO THAT.
it is pleasant torture. I ended up snacking upon a pain au chocolat with almond paste. om. nom.

There was curry.

And greenie veggies, and bread, and those BROWNIES. and meat, and mushrooms, and olives, and EVERYTHING. and Turkish Delight. the guy selling it was hilarious "Hey, good looking, come here." *gives me a sample*. Boy was that delicious.

PUFFY DOGGIE. i petted him. he was friendly and fuzzy.
I am not sure what the occasion was for bearded turbaned man to look so serious, but he held that face for a good minute. hence the good picture.

And then on the way home, which was more convoluted than we will go into, because half the Tube was out of commission.....there was this epic traffic jam. The bus sat on that street for a solid 45 minutes. See the dude in the white shirt? he hopped out, lit a cigarette, smoked it, talked to his friend, and then they hopped back in the bus.
Ha, and when his friend threw his litter all the way across the road, white-shirt guy goes and gets it, and presumably threw it away properly.

I'm never ever bored here.

But now I have a sinus infection, BUT i am going to a car-boot sale tomorrow.
good times. good night.

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