Monday, November 21, 2011

I hath the Sneezles.

by dose id thtuffy.

Yesh, I am still here, still doing my homework. In fact, that's mostly what I did all weekend. Aren't you proud. There's not been a lot to report lately: lingering cold-in-the-head nastiness, lots of sleeping. Being a hermit, getting the finals work donezo. It's sort of nice.
Not a lot of exploring going on tho. I have to remind myself I am not here primarily to explore absolutely everything, because 1. that's impossible. London is Bigger On The Inside. 2. I am here for school. School before exploring. Soon enough, school will be through, and all I intend to do is Christmas shop, make things, explore, and sleep.

I seem to go in shifts anyway. Be a hermit for a week, be a gypsy for a week. that be how I like it. Variety. Hopefully I'll do some exploring today: I have a self-directed museum visit as one of my last bits of homework for dear old HCFS.
HOW DIFFICULT. actually, choosing a museum is much more difficult than you would think.

thag you veddy buch.

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