Monday, August 29, 2011

I feel like a little time-traveler, and this template is urrrgly.

I shan't lie, waking up to dawn over Iceland is fairly cool. (yes, I listened to Sigur Ros. What else. I was listening to Takk, and just as the song picked up the clouds parted over the coast. YEAH window seats.) Icelandair is my new favorite airline, except for the fact that they give you a menu of beautiful food that is expensive. Otherwise, they have the cuddliest blankets, and little lullabies on the pillows, and wish you a pleasant day after every announcement practically. Basically they're so Icelandically nice it hurts. If you got on here to read about London, be patient. I'm getting there. All the flight attendants speak Icelandic, and wear these awesome little hats.

Here are your facts about Iceland in a nutshell.
-They have the oddest sayings posted in their beautiful, quiet, entirely Scandinavian-looking airport.

For instance: "A single wave is seldom alone"
"He who has no brother is naked on the back" these interesting tidbits were in the security area, so for obvious reasons I took no photos.
-They apparently have this nice tradition called house reading, where one person will read aloud to the rest of the household in the evening. Don't know how much that still happens.
-Their prime minister is listed in the phonebook
-The national dish is cured shark
-The population is 300,000. That's less than MPLS. 60% of them in the capital.
-They have a children's book called Helgi Explores the World. They give the illustrations on postcards as coloring pages. I totally nabbed the one from the cute little Icelandic kid sitting next to me, as he left it behind, and was too busy watching the Simpsons to color it in.

-They produce awesome music. For instance, if you like lovely quiet music that's kind of angsty in the best way, I raise you Olafur Arnalds. And if you like the absolute opposite, that is, hardcore-ish music that's half instrumental, I recommend Swords Of Chaos. And Jonsi. He be the bomb. And, though I mentioned it already, if you do not listen to Sigur Ros, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO. go listen.
-I also used the silly little in-flight store to find some of their fashion brands: Farmer's Market, 66 north, and KRONKRON.

that's enough of Iceland. Not bad for only spending two hours there. Don't judge, I was so excited to have a stop in that place.

LONDON is.........:). The tube is the greatest thing ever. And little kids with English accents are enough to leave you in a puddle of cuteness on the floor. They walk on the left. That took me a minute to get used to. Downside: hauling roughly 150 pounds of luggage through walkways and up stairs and through airports and over the inevitable, proverbial gaps between train and not fun. EVERYTHING ELSE IS AWESOME. everything, nearly, is old. All the little row houses have little back yards with walls and big old chimneys like in a Dickens novel. Also, I must note: People here have style. I can't walk three yards without wanting to compliment someone. I cannot tell a lie: the dudes in particular have a much higher percentage of stylishness than anywhere else I've ever been. Also, this is an enormous city. I know that's obvious, but when it takes you awhile to hurtle over it in a plane, you know it's big. Here. picture.
Honestly, there is so much going on here that pictures are the best way to give you the feel BUT i have no neck strap for my camera, so I'm going to go make one, and my adventures tomorrow will be more pictorially described.


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saycheese said...

Awesome, gal. Your descriptions take me there and I never even got on a plane. Thanks. Loveubookoo.