Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I AM GOING TO CATCH UP. i promise.

But for now, here is a little thingie i wrote in Journalism class this afternoon. It is probably no good as a news story, but it's not being graded, it's funny, and she was NOT CLEAR on what we were supposed to be writing. And I had half an hour.

anyway. whining over.
Movie Review into News Story. -
Found in The Daily Flare, a Martian tabloid

Shortly after a catastrophic Earthling wedding, which ended with the groom
killing himself and the depressed bride estranging her entire family,the
rogue planet Melancholia collided with Earth, resulting in the end of that

The bride had had an elaborate wedding planned by her siblings, though
she was deeply depressed and not interested in worldly fanfare. To make
matters worse, her estranged parents fell out further during the event,
resulting in unhappiness all around. Some have even speculated that the
anger and ill-will generated by the wedding attracted the attention of the
sentient Melancholia, who decided to end the wedding and the Earthling

Though we mourn the end of that unhappy family and the rest of the
human race, a more pressing concern is the abundant space debris
resulting from the collision, which poses a terrible threat to the
inhabitants of Mars. Regardless of the cause,the debris of Earth will
continue to be a problem requiring the most creative Martian solutions. We
suggest contacting your local community leaders with ideas, as the issue is

(I made up the part about the Martians, the sentient planet, and the
debris. The movie apparently involved little more than a terrible wedding
and the end of the world. The movie was Melancholia.)

yes. I have break from LCF classes for two weeks. I intend to chill, sleep, explore, make things, and BLOG. there is half a post on regent's park waiting for pictures that will make the pretty-loving part of your brains verrrry happy. so. let me go finish my homeworks SINCE IT'S 4:03. (parents, I promise I've only stayed up like this once, no twice, since I left. I'm normally painfully responsible, of course...)
grood night.

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