Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I like songs I can't understand. And I have tan lines.

Cyberspace, old buddy. Missed you. What's that? Where have I been?

Sleeping. Getting rid of the guilty feeling "I'm not doing homework" that I've been living with day and night waking and sleeping for nine months.

It's the strangest thing in the world. School dictated everything I did more intensely than it ever had before, and now it's gone.

THREE CHEERS. I have remembered how to spend a happy, productive day doing whatever the heck I want to. Read: knitting, READING READING READING hanging out working designing sitting on the front porch and creeping with sarah/rachel.

I'm residing in St. Paul for the summer. Come invade: woman cannot live by creativity and philosophy alone, though I deeply enjoy trying.
These is enormous value to just existing.

Song of the second: ZOL, by BLK JKS (that being the song I didn't understand. You know why I like songs like that? Well you should tell me, cuz' I'm not quite sure.)

Later. Someday.

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