Thursday, January 29, 2009

So yes, they do speak English....

I recently found my journal I had used in Northern Ireland, and in it a three-page lists of the differences in words that delighted me there. So, for the amusement of whoever may stumble across this, here they are.
Fanny pack= bum bag
elevator = lift
hamburger bun = bap
escalator = elevator
cookies = biscuits
bathroom = toilet
truck/semi = lorry
pop = lemonade/Sprite
ibuprofen = cupofen
ride = lift/leaving someone home
Doin' fine = tickety-boo
ten-thirty = half-ten
cool = klass/grand/brilliant/beezer
pound (money) = quid
flyer = leaflet
cupcake = bun
university = uni
trailer = caravan
pants = trousers/jeans
underwear = pants (many embarrassments from this)
hair bandie = hair bob/bobble
fun = craic (pronounced "crack")
parking lot = car park
little = wee
sidewalk = footpath
trash = rubbish
you all/you guys = youse/yous/use
sweatpants = track bottoms
paper bag = rucksack
hood (of car) = bonnet
trunk = boot
sunscreen = suncream
whining = whinging
exhausted = whacked/shattered/wrecked
broom = brush
walk = dander (take a wee dander down to the beach..)
What's up? = How's craic
scotch tape = cello tape
popsicles = ice lollies
crush on = fancy
figured out = sorted
ditch = shough
vacation = holiday/hols
two weeks = fortnight
dear = pet
fool = gull
keep going = keep 'er lit
picture = photo
And my favorite difference: They will use lovely to describe someone, and they are not talking about their looks.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, that's incredible! I forgot about some of those. "Bap" made me laugh out loud. I was soo confused the first time someone said that. Thanks for posting this!

Jules said...

Aww that is brilliant!!
It made me realise just how bad our version of English really is, we definitly make up words for example...
scundered = embarrassed
foundered = cold
But use americans with your fanny packs and pants.. haha...

Gabby Huerta said...